Today, the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) is recognizing Bell Let’s Talk Day, a social media day of action to help end the stigma surrounding mental health and well-being.

Bell Let’s Talk Day 2023

This year, Bell announced they will be replacing the donation of 5 cents per interaction with $10 million of funding towards their goal of $155 million for Canadian mental health programs. Since 2010, Bell has committed $139,588,747.75 to Canadian mental health programs through Bell Let’s Talk Day. The money raised through this campaign has reached over 1,400 Canadian organizations that provide mental health supports and services, in every region of the country.

Although Bell Let’s Talk Day is a corporate initiative, it provides an important opportunity for us to focus on mental health and well-being. It also reinforces the importance of listening, connecting and reaching out to those we care about.

To help show your support, you can participate in #BellLetsTalk on social media using some of our example posts below.

How to participate in #BellLetsTalk

We invite you to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and join us in recognizing #BellLetsTalkDay today.

Together, let’s help end the mental health stigma for our students, friends, loved ones, and everyone else around us.

Sample Tweets

  • #MentalHealth matters to me and I want to be the change that helps #EndTheStigma with #BellLetsTalk. I am uniting with @wrdsb today by prioritizing my mental health.
  • I am a person my family and friends can talk to when they need support. #BellLetsTalk
  • There is strength in speaking up. Call, text, or meet with a friend, family or trusted person. You are not alone. #BellLetsTalk
  • Need support? If you or someone you know is struggling with their #MentalHealth, please contact @ConnexOntario, a 24-hour mental health helpline 1-866-531-2600. Or, if support is needed immediately, call 911. You’re not alone. It’s okay to reach out for help! #BellLetsTalk