About School Council

School Council is comprised of interested  parents and staff who meet six times during the school year.

Our goal is to enhance the educational experience for our students by increasing opportunities for communication between school and home, as well as supporting and/or coordinating additional activities and events that complement the curriculum and build school & community spirit.

Who Can Attend?

Meetings are open to all members of our school community. Council elects a Chair, Secretary & Treasurer each school year.  Elections are held on the first meeting night.

Meeting Dates

Typically our School Council meets on the third Monday of the month.  Previous years, meetings have taken place in the library and begin at 7:00 p.m.  This year, those meetings will begin as virtual meetings.  No start date has been set yet, but School Day messages will be sent out to gather email addresses and set that first Council date.

Council Agendas

Council Minutes